Your Dental Team

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Andre Pilkington

Dentist for over 35 years specialising in cosmetic work such as crowns, bridges and white fillings. Enjoys bike rides and walks with family

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Ali Forouzanfar

Dentist with great experience in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. Enjoys being outdoors, football and boxing

Carol Widdicombe Receptionist and Dental

Carol Widdicombe

Receptionist and Dental Nurse for over 20 years and has been with Blue Sky since the beginning. Enjoys being outdoors with her horse and dog

Claire Lonsdale Dental Nurse and Adminis

Claire Lonsdale

Practice Manager with over 10 years experience in community and special needs care. Loves socialising and being a motocross-mum

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Mary Nicoll

Dental Therapist specialising in caring for anxious patients. Interested in fitness and nutrition with holistic approach to overall health and wellbeing. 

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Collette Short

Dental Nurse with experience in radiography and sedation. Enjoys walks with her dog and baking for family

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Ashleigh Dearden

Dental Nurse with interest in forensic science. Enjoys family time and crafting

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Margaret Brown

Dental Nurse enjoys caravanning and spending time with family. Loves painting.

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Anna Capstick

Dental Nurse with experience in radiography. Loves animals, being outdoors and swimming

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Amy Haslett

Trainee Dental Nurse